Dr. Harold Byers, Jr., B.A., M.S., D.C.
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Dr. Harold Byers, Jr., B.A., M.S., D.C.

 INJURY CARE CHIROPRACTIC is focused on providing high-quality service and patient  satisfaction - we will do everything we can to help you in your time of injury. Walk-Ins welcome!

We are experienced in treating all auto, city bus, and school bus accidents.   We are covered by Auto and Worker's comp. insurance!

We work with your insurance company and attorney.  We provide strong and accurate documentation of your injuries in case of settlement.  If you do not have an attorney we would be glad to give a referral if needed.

  Give us a call if you need transportation in the Louisville area!  We are here to help.  Need help with your paper work,  bring it in and our staff will be glad to assist you.  Our patients come first and we really do care.   All our

staff cares and will assist you in every possible way.

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Exercise for rehabilitation



Relaxing Hydromassage


Therapy to promote healing



Whiplash tears the soft tissues of the neck and causes pain that can become chronic if not given proper care.  When there is structural damage,  inflammation

may continue for some time before actual pain becomes a reality.  Pain sometimes

can be the last thing to show up after hours, days or weeks of edema(swelling) and inflammation.  The 5 most dangerous words.  "Maybe it will go away".  If it does not go away then it could become permanent leading to a life-long condition.

You may have signs of a post-concussive disorder and may not be aware of it.  Memory trouble, increased anxiety, headaches and dizziness are a few of the symptoms with this disorder.

Traction is and can very effective for the treatment of disc and arthritic problems.

We have cervical(neck) and Lumbar(low back) traction to assist the spine in recovery. 

Gentle hydromassage beds to relax the muscles and soft tissues that become irritated and inflamed.

We offer various cold laser treatments to aid in healing the injured areas.

                                                                  Our doctors have experience and training to treat the spine,  joints, and all related soft 

                                                                  tissues of the body.

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