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Exercise for rehabilitation



Relaxing Hydromassage


Therapy to promote healing



Whiplash tears the soft tissues of the neck and causes pain that can become chronic if not given proper care.  When there is structural damage,  inflammation may continue for some time before actual pain becomes a reality.  Pain sometimes can be the last thing to show up after hours, days or weeks of edema(swelling) and inflammation.  The 5 most dangerous words.  "Maybe it will go away".  If it does not go away then it could become permanent leading to a life-long condition.

Conservative treatment includes immobilizing the patient's neck in a well-fitting soft cervical collar; use of pain, anti-inflammatory methods, muscle relaxant medications, chiropractic and physical therapy.

Whiplash is a sudden movement of the head, backward, forward, or sideways. Whether from a car accident, sports, or an accident at work. Whiplash or other neck injuries warrant a thorough and immediate check-up by an expert Doctor of Chiropractic with the experience and focus on auto injuries.                                                       .




                      Memory problems. Other pain. Concentration problems. Depression.

                      No control of emotions. Loss of libido.
                     Tinnitus.( ringing in ears)
                     Can't carry out plans. Can't plan. Flashbacks.
                     Don't enjoy sex. Nightmares.
                     Arithmetic problems.

You may have signs of a post-concussive disorder and may not be aware of it.  Memory trouble, increased anxiety, headaches and dizziness are very common symptoms with this disorder in our offices.

Researchers have also pointed out that experiencing any kind of head trauma during a person’s younger years could cause Alzheimer’s disease later on in his life. The more serious the head injury is, the higher the chances that the car crash victim would have brain degeneration when they are older. 

What do we know about the relationship and permanent brain injury?

People who have suffered from severe head or whiplash injuries in the past are at greater risk of developing dementia.

Research suggests that the inflammation that occurs following head injury may encourage formation of the plaques and tangles which are hallmarks of Alzheimer disease.. A car crash could occur in just a couple of tenths of a second yet the debilitating effects can be far-reaching. No amount of insurance claim could bring back the vigor of a victim. The injuries caused by a car crash may be short-term or they could last the victim’s entire lifetime.

How Long Will Whiplash Last?

The exact time it takes for whiplash to go away is not an easy answer. Many factors depend on how much pain and how many weeks it may takes to get better.  If you have a pre-existing condition such as arthritis of the neck then further insult of perhaps an area that was stable may cause a delay in healing and may take much longer. Increased arthritic changes may cause further pain that may have been minimal before the accident. How well you were restrained in your seat belt as well as the position of your head rest plays a part in the damage to your ligament, tendons, and muscles.  Another factor is the weight of the vehicle and momentum that hit you. Many factors will be dependent on the amount of damage you have received to your soft tissues and many are variable.  The type of vehicle(truck, van, semi, bus, car) involved, plus the size of the person/weight, whether they braked or not, victims head/body position(may be looking down, left or right), and road conditions all play part of the injury to victims.

With my experience,  the level of pain you present with on examination will be a good indicator on whether a patient will recover or have future residual pain or disability.  All these factors make the neck musculature, back and ligaments unstable and subject to future injury.

This is why it is important to obtain treatment immediately following an auto accident.

Traction is and can very effective for the treatment of disc and arthritic problems.

We have cervical(neck) and Lumbar(low back) traction to assist the spine in recovery. 

Gentle dry hydromassage beds to relax the muscles and soft tissues that become irritated and inflamed.

We offer various cold laser treatments to aid in healing the injured areas.

                                                                  Our doctors have experience and the training to treat the spine,  joints, and all related soft 

                                                                  tissues of the body.

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